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Kingdom Law 
2. The White Stag Principal Herald shall:
    h. Monitor the office of the Scribe who shall:
        1. Maintain a listing and monitor the activities of the College of Scribes;
        2. Ensure the accuracy of scroll format and text;
        3. Publish once per reign a notification stating that all scroll texts must be approved by the Kingdom Scribe;
        4. Update the Scribe’s Handbook as needed;
        5. At the conclusion of each reign report the names of scribes who have created scrolls for the Kingdom during that reign.

Administrative Policies 
1. The Scribe keeps a roster of active scribes and is in charge of scroll assignments for awards to be given by the Crown. This roster is strictly unofficial, but serves as a means of getting in touch with scribes around the Kingdom. Contact the Kingdom Scribe to be added to the list of active scribes.
2. The Scribe, in conjunction with the White Stag Principal Herald, is responsible for creating standard scroll texts, and for approving variant scroll text. Any scribe who wishes to use a scroll text other than the standard text must contact the Kingdom Scribe for approval before beginning work.
3. All scribes must maintain strict confidentiality concerning their scroll assignments. Failure to maintain confidentiality on the part of a Baronial Scribe (a Baronial office) may be considered grounds for removal from office. Failure to maintain confidentiality on the part of any scribe will result in that scribe not receiving more scroll assignments.
4. A scroll is any certificate confirming an award within the Outlands regardless of its form or construction. Although the Kingdom Scribe’s Office will make every effort to ensure that a scroll is presented with every kingdom award, it must be understood that no award recipient has an explicit right to a custom made piece of original artwork.

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